Ardic Instruments announces the M150: a quick point-and-shoot instrument for measuring resonance frequencies in MEMS devices

November 11, 2013

The Ardic Instruments M150 MEMS Analyzer is an award-winning instrument designed to analyze resonance frequencies in MEMS devices from 1Hz to 4.2MHz in 60 seconds. Using a point-and-shoot 3µm laser optical system, the user can quickly obtain resonance peaks of a microstructure through wide bandwidth frequency scanning and real-time Fourier transform. By using non-contact optical measurement, the M150 is a highly effective technique for measuring resonance frequencies without altering the sample properties. The M150 is a critical instrument for MEMS research, development, and quality control.

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Ardic Instruments announces a beta program for their disruptive P100 Atomic Force Microscope

September 03, 2013

The P100 AFM has been designed to be setup and installed by the user in a matter of minutes. The software’s intuitive design allows the user to begin scanning samples with minimal training. If the user has any questions, resources are made available through a wide number of channels, including a live chat, knowledge base, ticketed service, and even twitter-based customer support.

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