ARDIC will be exhibiting at APS March Meeting Booth #924 in Baltimore, MD (March 15-17) and at the MRS Spring Booth #231 in Phoenix, AZ (March 29 – 31).  Visitors are encouraged to bring samples to be scanned at the booth or later by the staff.

Uncompromising Image Quality

Designed to be the ultimate choice for the most frequently used tapping-mode imaging, the QScan series offers the best combination of high resolution and cost-effectiveness. With a 70 pm noise floor and an optical resolution better than 30 pm, imaging results are consistently best-in-class.

QScan Pro resolving a single layer step on a 10 μm x10 μm scan of highly oriented pyrolytic graphite
QScan Pro accurately profiling the tall vertical features of a calibration grating without the typical piezoeletric artifacts

Fast & Intuitive

QScan AFMs allow users with no prior experience to start producing professional images within minutes. Our proprietary optical detection system yields the smallest spot size in the industry (0.56 µm), which drastically simplifies tip alignment. Furthermore, the optics require no calibration due to its perpetually aligned design. By using predictive algorithms, our software automatically handles tip tuning and optimizes scan conditions.

Traditional detection optics

Astigmatic detection optics


Industry-leading Warranty

We back our commitment to performance and durability with the industry-leading warranty. All systems come with a 3-year warranty on all parts and labor and a lifetime warranty on the optical detector.


Applications & Examples

  • Sub-nanometer 3D imaging of dry samples in air
  • Composition mapping with phase imaging
  • Particle size, shape, structure, and distribution mapping
  • Particle aggregate analysis
  • Porosity analysis
  • Scientific research
  • Thin film coating and deposition controls
  • 2D materials and devices
  • Nanofabrication metrology
  • Chemical and mechanical planarization QC
  • Contamination and defect analysis
  • Patterned sapphire substrate inspections
  • Nanofiber inspection
  • Lithium-ion battery separator QC

Technical Specifications

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Applied Research & Development Integration Company

ARDIC – Applied Research & Development Integration Company – brings cutting-edge technologies to market with a focus on the user experience. Our vision is to create advanced yet intuitive analytical instruments that empower users to focus on their scientific goals. We back our commitment to performance and durability with industry-leading warranties.

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